3Ph-3Ph 10KVA to 75KVA Air-Cooled Servo

AC  Mainline voltage is unpredictably fluctuating in single phase & Three Phase Line, Our observation is, Variation in Mainline in a. Single phase from 100VAC to 300VAC( L/N) & in Three Phase the line variation is from : 240V to 500VAC ( L/L)

This fluctuation results into Low efficiency of the Load & equipments, Line Losses, Poor Power factor, Winding burn out, Armatures Failure & Lighting equipments wont give the desired result  .

Electric distribution is purely the Demand & supply match theorem, If it wont match fluctuation is bound to happen. Other reasons are improper cable selection, Loose connections etc. Fluctuation means the very Low , Low, Normal, High & Very High Line Voltage .

Due to Fluctuation either Low Voltage or High Voltage : We shall have the consequences

1. Frequent breakdown of the Electrical appliances : Motors/Furnaces/ Electronics/ Compressors etc

Although for partial Power stability is advised through IPFC or Capacitor in Inductive load, but its effectiveness also depends on the stable Voltage & that shall be perceived by the Servo Voltage Stabilizer.

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1Ph  I/P &  1 Ph O/P  (P+ N+G)

  • Air cooled  Type
  • Oil Cooled Type

         Ranges up to : 75 KVA


 3 Ph  I/P & 3Ph O/P ( 3P+N+G)

  • Air cooled  UB Type
  • Oil cooled  UB Type

          Ranges Upto 3000 KVA

3Ph I/P (Delta) &  1Ph O/P  (P+N+G)

  • Aircooled 
  • Oilcooled

Ranges upto 1000 KVA

    ( Servo with integrated UIT )

It is made in regular model & also customized after your Load study to get the perfect result. Input Fluctuation range . The utility load detain , harmonic content these shall be the actual guideline to decide  the range & capacity as per IS 9815 Servo Construction norm

  • Effectively control the voltage variation & fluctuations to prevent the damages of High Tech Instruments.
  • Excellent Energy saver device and recommended by BEE as Energy saver for Lighting Load applications
  • Value added Servo effectively controls the Transient Surges/Inrush current/High Voltage & Low Voltage protections subject to dedicated earthing.
  • Excellent neutral fault protections
  • Excellent Earth Fault protections
  • Transforming the infinite Raw Electrical Power into Finite protected Power
Salient Technical  Features
  • Analog / Microcontroller based Power corrector device with excellent protection with Instantaneous High Voltage/ Low Voltage/ Overload/Single phasing prevention/Reverse Phase protections/ Transient Surge suppressor (optional TVSS )
  • Stable output even under unbalanced voltage condition & Unbalanced load condition
  • Customized Input & Output voltage as per site and machines requirement.
  • Integrated Isolation Transformer  (optional) available with1.  1 Ph Input & 1Ph Output   2. 3 Ph Input , 3 Ph  Output  &  3.   3 Ph Input  &  1 Ph Output
  • Ratings available from 1 KVA to 3000KVA (Dimmer & Buck boost based with Rolling system)
  • Fast correction rate up to 70V/sec, Line to Line & 25V/Sec for 100KVA & above.
  • Response time of < 10 mSec
  • Use of PI control circuit or Microcontroller circuit prevents over/under shooting or hunting.
  • Plug –in type Glass epoxy control cards for ease serviceability.
  • Visual indication/protection against extreme Low & High Voltage conditions
  • Ruggedized construction, castor –mounted for easy movement
  • No waveform distortion, suitable for operation on DG set.
  • Auto/manual facility of operation from front panel controls.
  • Custom –built specification and all India service Network to meet OEM requirements
  • Optional built – in Ultra Isolation Transformer in normal/star –delta configuration
  • Power Saving up to 20% in Lighting Loads ( Condition applies).
  • Very effective in supporting the quality power
  • Designed for 24* 7* 365 cycle
  • Reduces overall maintenance cost by 80%
  • Payback period anticipated by 24 to 36 months
  • Life guarantee above 15 years
  • 80% depreciation
  • You can get the technical note on demand how power saving effectively works.
  • Entire Plant control by servo Voltage Regulators
  • CNC Machines/Plastic moulding machines/Spark Erosion & wirecut machines/
  • Residential applications
Applications :

 Rice & Flour Mills , Steel Industry, Machinery Industry, CNC Machines, Laser cutting Machines , Farm Houses & Resorts, Hospitals, Hotels, Show Rooms , Manufacturing Industries, Textile Industries, Commercial buildings , AirLines, Gyms, Hydarulic machines, AC Plants, Call Centers Petrol Pumps, CNG stations and many more,

General :

Servo Voltage Stabilizer also called as Main Line Voltage corrector, Automotic Voltage Controller, SCVS,  Power  Corrector device  using synchronous motor in close loop control . It senses the Input variable voltage constantly through Microcontroller circuit and proportional voltage generates in buckboost and that adding & substracting is constantly monitoring by the closed loop system and regulated voltage given in output and get monitored by the display system construction is rigidly followed the IS 9815 norms

Servo Is facilitated by Auto & Manual Mode for self test purpose or for any customized applications.

Sr No


   Single Phase Servo

1Ph IN 1Ph O/P( P+N+G)

Three Phase Servo

1. 3Ph IN 3Ph O/P  ( 3P +N+G)

 2. 3Ph IN  (3P+N+G) &  1Ph O/P  (P+N+G)


      Capacity of Servo

Air cooled :  3 to 30 KVA

Oil cooled :  10 KVA to 75 KVA

Air cooled : 6 KVA to 75 KVA

Oil cooled : 30 KVA to 3000KVA


   Input Ranges  ( Fluctuation Range)

170 V to 280VAC

140 V to 300VAC

110VAC to 310VAC

340 VAC to 480VAC

300VAC to 500VAC

280VAC to 500VAC

260VAC to 500 VAC

240 VAC to 500VAC


Nominal Output Voltage


400/415 VAC Selectable


Output Voltage accuracy

±   1%

±   1%


Input Line frequency Variation

 47Hz to 53 Hz

47Hz to 53 Hz


Effect of Power Factor




Waveform Distortion

None Added (Same as Input)

None added ( Same as Input)



Digital / Analogue

 Digital/ Analogue


Response Time

  10 msec

 10 msec


Voltage Correction Rate with Synchronous Motor

1 Air cooled

2 Oil cooled










LCD Display

Input Voltage , Output Voltage (L to L & L to N)

Phase wise current monitoring


Log book Memory ( Non Volatile)

  • No of Hrs of operation on mains peak current demand
  • No of abnormal High Voltage cutoff events
  • No of abnormal Low voltage cutoff events


Programmble Features ( By passwords)

  • HV cut-off Set
  • LV cut-off Set
  • O/L Trip Set
  • Time Delay Set
  • Operating mode ( Auto / Manual)



1 Air  cooled

2. Oil cooled


     3 KVA to 75 KVA & Above

     10 KVA to 3000 KVA



    97 to 98%



Protection of all control parameters are through INPUT MCCB with Shunt release coil/ Output contactor in Lower capacity and cutoff protections available for

  • Input High & Low Voltage cutoff
  • Output Overvoltage & Under Voltage cutoff
  • Overload & short circuit protections
  • Single Phasing & Phase Loss Trip
  • Reverse Phase protections
  • Neutral fault protections
  • Earth Fault Protections


Class C/ TVSS Transient & Surge protections

  • Type 1+2 Type protections with UL 1449 CE compliances with guideline of earthings